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Evatic is a flexible and multi-functional service management system designed to support critical business processes at each stage of the customer journey — including contract administration, invoicing, field service, help desk, installation, stock, reporting, and after-sales service. 

Evatic is a leading Field Service System used in various industries across Europe. Key industries are IT-services and Workplace Technology, Coffee and Vending, Managed Print Service (MPS), Medical Equipment, Food Service Equipment and more. 

The solution utilises powerful but flexible software that is designed to provide detailed operational insight. This saves time, reduces costs and increases productivity, all of which lead to greater agility, higher customer retention rates and greater profitability.  

Integrations with a range of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions to create a near seamless, efficient flow of information across your business. A fully documented API allows you to join up your accounting and business systems to minimise data duplication, improve accuracy and boost efficiency.

Why Choose Evatic?

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Field service
Optimise mobile working with our intuitive engineer apps.
Customer view
Increase first-time fix rates and exceed service levels with comprehensive stock management.
Schedule tasks, manage support calls and meet customer SLAs with confidence

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