Reduce Costs

Optimise service delivery, improve stock management and tackle costly toner wastage with intuitive functionality including smart toner and consumables management. Evatic helps you cut costs whilst ensuring customers always have deliveries when they need them.

Increase Profitability

Avoid lost revenue and maximise ROI with our comprehensive meter billing and contract administration functionality. Evatic generates invoices accurately by reducing manual inputs, providing upsell and cross-sell opportunities that increase your revenues.

Improve Productivity

Evatic’s accurate stock control management functionality allows you to process jobs more efficiently by giving your employees valuable insights into your customers. MPS specific tools reduce the need for manual inputs improving productivity and reducing costs.

Our Service Will Help Your Business

Evatic is a flexible and multi-functional service management system designed to support critical business processes at each stage of the customer journey — including contract administration, invoicing, field service, help desk, installation, stock, reporting, and after-sales service. 

Designed to support the Managed Print Service (MPS) industry, it utilises powerful but flexible software that is designed to provide detailed operational insight. This saves time, reduces costs and increases productivity, all of which lead to greater agility, higher customer retention rates and greater profitability.  

Integrations with a range of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions to create a near seamless, efficient flow of information across your business. A fully documented API allows you to join up your accounting and business systems to minimise data duplication, improve accuracy and boost efficiency.


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Comprehensive Meter Billing

Benefit from comprehensive and cost-effective meter billing functionality with a combination of manual and digital methods. Accessible anywhere with a wi-fi connection, MPS providers and office equipment dealers can generate accurate invoices for transparent billing.

Management Console

Integrated service modules make it secure and straightforward to schedule tasks, manage support calls and meet customer SLAs. Evatic’s call control functionality is highly flexible and the software offers a suite of bespoke reports and dashboards to reduce paperwork.

Smart Toner Management

Work to leaner budgets with Smart Toner Management (STM). Our automated software ensures that toner is dispatched (and correctly invoiced) at the optimum time to meet your customers' needs, whilst reducing wastage and costs by combining shipments to one location where feasible.

Contract Administration

For accurate and timely contract billing, set the frequencies (advance or arrears) to suit you and your customers. Whether on a fixed-term or open-ended basis, you can configure Evatic to automate price uplifts to maximise ROI and keep on top of billing increases. 

Key Integrations

Evatic can be integrated with various additional platforms and used to manage new or existing services. It also integrates with multiple Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems to deliver a seamless flow of information across your business.

Stock Control

Improve time-to-value performance and maintain equipment up-time by expediting your stocktaking process. Evatic provides insights that you can use to keep your customers updated on expected job outcomes, enabling you to set customer expectations by closely monitoring the availability of parts.

Mobile Working

Evatic's mobile app allows field-based staff to complete and update jobs, capture signatures and photos, and access a machine’s complete service history. Improve efficiency, first time fix-rates and on-the-go problem solving increasing productivity and customer satisfaction

Predictive MIF Maintenance

Take a proactive approach to maintenance for Machines in the Field (MIF) with our telemetry software. It monitors data such as toner levels, number of prints, running hours, parts status and lifespan. This information helps prevent equipment failure and improve up-time for customers. 

Access to Comprehensive API

A well documented, powerful but easy to integrate API gives you the ability to integrate your accounting systems and Data Collection Agent (DCA), marketing and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms with Evatic.

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