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Transform Your Coffee Vending Business with Our Field Service Management Software

Are you running a coffee vending business and struggling to keep up with your maintenance tasks? Do you find it challenging to manage your field operations efficiently? Our Field Service Management Software made for the Coffee vending industry is here to help! 
Asolvi has helped coffee vending companies from all over the world to improve their invoicing accuracy, optimise their cash flow, and enhance their engineering productivity for over 30 years. Our cutting-edge solutions will help you keep track of your assets and equipment, automate maintenance tasks, and maximise your efficiency in a simplified way.
With our preventative maintenance functionality, you can minimise equipment failures by proactively monitoring assets and automatically scheduling planned maintenance. This means that you and your team can instead focus on what’s needed, when and where it's needed.  
At Asolvi, we understand that contract management can be very time-consuming. Our solution makes it possible to efficiently handle cup collection billing and cash collection for applicable coffee machines. This means that you can reduce the time spent on tracking meter usage and automate invoicing.
Do you work in a small, large, or established organisation? It doesn’t matter. Our solution is designed for Coffee Vending companies of all sizes. It can be tailored to meet the unique needs of each business and can be used by all levels of staff, from your customer support and logistics teams to your field service engineers and all the way up to your C-level management.  

Selected key features for the coffee vending industry

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Reporting & Analysis

Gain valuable insights into how your business is performing with our comprehensive reporting and powerful analysis tools. Track key metrics such as SLA compliance, engineer performance, profit/loss, stock availability, and demand all in one place with customisable reporting options.

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Asset Management & Billing

In the coffee vending industry, it's crucial to keep track of all your assets and equipment, including their model numbers and service history. Our platform allows you to monitor this information in real-time, equip engineers with everything they need and to ensure your contract and service revenue is invoiced accurately and on time.


Preventative Maintenance

Our products facilitate a proactive approach towards maintenance through scheduled Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM). By utilising fully integrated asset and contract data, you can regularly monitor equipment and process systems effectively minimising Coffee Vending machine failures.



Improve efficiency by integrating with leading accounting software and connecting to industry-specific third-party suppliers via our APIs. With these tools, you'll never miss an SLA, call-out or service request again. You'll be able to ensure that your engineers reach the right customers at the right time.


Mobile Working

Our mobile app for IOS or Android enables engineers to log and update jobs in real time on their tablets or smartphones. With everything they need at their fingertips data is consistent, errors are reduced, and invoices can be produced more quickly without the need to return paperwork to the office. This results in improved service levels and enhanced cash flow.


Stock Control

Our software provides transparent insights into stock availability and demand enabling effective management of customer expectations. Avoid excessive stock levels that can tie up funds that could be used elsewhere in your business, while maximising inventory accuracy.


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