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The next generation of software in the fire and security industry is now available - Asolvi Protect

We have exciting news to share with you. Asolvi Protect, our new cloud-based software for the fire and security industry is now available! Asolvi Protect offers advanced features for businesses in the fire & security market. The new software includes a range of system types, including intruder alarms, CCTV, access control, fire alarms and extinguishers, and will provide comprehensive analysis and reporting to meet regulatory industry standards. Pre-loaded with fully customisable industry standard checklists and reports, making compliance effortless.

Asolvi Protect's mobile app, Asolvi Anywhere, is our all-new, modern, intuitive and easy to use mobile app designed for engineers, by engineers.

Frequently asked questions about Alarm Master

Will Alarm Master continue to be supported and maintained?

Alarm Master is still being supported and maintained and we currently have no plans to stop this.

Is there any alternative to Alarm Master? 

Yes, we have launched Asolvi Protect, a new software solution specifically designed for the fire and security industry. It builds on the solid foundations of Alarm Master while adding new and improved functionality.

Read more about Asolvi Protect.

Can I still purchase the Alarm Master software?

No, the Alarm Master software is no longer available to purchase. If you are looking for software for your fire and security business, Asolvi Protect is now the recommended option. 

Is it still possible to sign up for an Alarm Master demo?
No, it’s no longer possible to sign up for an Alarm Master Demo, but we will be delighted to give you a demo of Asolvi Protect.
Does Asolvi Protect come with a mobile app alternative for Alarm Master Mobile?

Yes, Asolvi Protect uses our brand new mobile app, Asolvi Anywhere, allowing engineers to carry out all job-related tasks.

Can I still buy licenses for Alarm Master?
Yes, existing users can still purchase additional expansion licenses for Alarm Master and Alarm Master Mobile.
Can Alarm Master users migrate to Asolvi Protect?

Yes, we have invested in creating a structured migration programme that will handle your transfer from Alarm Master to Asolvi Protect. Contact our support team if you would like to know more about this. 

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