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Asset management software


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Optimise your solar operations with Asolvi's comprehensive asset management software

Are you seeking to improve your solar installation business performance? Tired of dealing with disorganised documentation and on-site activity records? Asolvi's solar asset management software is here to help. Our software enables you to proactively monitor solar asset performance, swiftly identify and resolve issues, and streamline documentation for accurate and efficient record-keeping. If you are looking to simplify the process of demonstrating compliance with MCS, TUV, DNV, SWEDAC or other leading European standards and certification requirements, then we have a solution for you. 

With over 30 years of experience as a trusted partner for companies looking to enhance their field service operations and business processes, Asolvi is the perfect choice for solar installers of all sizes.  

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Who is our solar software for?

Asolvi's leading solar software is designed for companies working with:
  • Solar
  • Wind

  • Hydro
  • Energy storage

Selected key features for the solar industry

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Asset management

Effective asset management is crucial for solar companies facing unpredictable supply chain costs and a fast-changing regulatory environment. Our solar field service software simplifies inventory management, optimises engineer and warehouse stock, and offers real-time visibility to your team. Boost response times and efficiency to drive the clean energy transition forward.



Gain valuable insights into your solar operations through real-time reports and dashboards. Monitor key performance indicators, track trends, and visualise KPIs for continuous improvement. Automated reporting saves time and minimises errors, leading to prompt and reliable data for informed decision-making.


PPM & Scheduling 

Effortlessly manage and coordinate your teams' schedules in one centralised location. Eliminate manual scheduling and easily assign the right person to each job. Managing your planned and recurring inspection and maintenance schedules is a breeze, saving you time and ensuring compliance.



Seamlessly integrate with a wide range of leading accounting solutions and utilise our robust APIs to give you the integrations that are right for your business. Visit our website for a list of compatible integrations. 


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Billing and invoicing

Improve cash flow with our efficient billing and invoicing tool. Easily create and send job invoices, manage your contracts and set up recurring service and maintenance billing. 




Field mobility 

Empower your field engineers with our mobile app, giving real-time access to essential information. Log and update jobs on-the-go, reduce manual paperwork, and enhance service levels. Improve productivity and communication between field engineers, office staff, and customers while ensuring accurate data collection.



Relevant products for the Solar industry

Copy of Evaticnew (2500 × 1200px)


Evatic is a widely used global software that simplifies field service management for solar companies. It handles everything from reporting to billing and support, making your operations more efficient and streamlined.



Discover how Tesseract, a cloud-based software, can enhance your business efficiency, enable you to access important information from anywhere, and empower you to deliver exceptional customer service, all while being adaptable to your specific business needs.

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