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Field service software solutions


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Increase capacity and decrease costs with our Medical equipment software

Are you experiencing capacity issues and higher costs in your daily operations? Are you finding it challenging to keep track of asset management, contracts, compliance, and customer satisfaction? Don’t worry, Asolvi's innovative and comprehensive field service software solution for the medical equipment industry is here to help.

At Asolvi, we understand the importance of having a well-organised and efficient system to provide healthcare services. We know that the medical equipment sector is critical, and we're here to make things easier for medical equipment providers. Our field service software solution is designed to help you schedule and track maintenance activities, anticipate and address equipment issues before they become critical, and optimise resource allocation to maximise returns on investment. With Asolvi, you'll have access to scheduling, reporting, and maintenance tools in one convenient location.

Contact us today to learn how Asolvi can help increase your capacity and decrease costs in your daily operations. We'll show you how our field service software solution for the medical industry can streamline your processes and improve your overall efficiency.

Who is our Medical equipment software for?

Asolvi's leading Medical equipment software is designed for companies working with:
  • Hospital equipment 
  • Dental equipment
  • Surgery equipment
  • Home care equipment
  • Laboratory equipment
  • X-rays machines

Selected key features for the Medical equipment industry

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Billing & Contract management

Efficient contract management and timely invoicing are crucial for medical equipment companies, ensuring compliance, streamlining equipment lifecycles, and fostering customer satisfaction. Our solutions deliver improved profitability, enhanced reputation, and long-term business success in a highly competitive and regulated industry.

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Reporting and Analytics

Our Medical equipment field service software includes powerful reporting and analytics capabilities that provide valuable insights into your field service operations. With flexible dashboards, you can track performance, identify trends, and make informed decisions to improve your operations.



Our scheduling feature enables you to schedule field technicians with ease. By allocating the right technician for each task, you can reduce travel time, increase efficiency, and complete more jobs in less time.



Our Medical equipment software can integrate with different accounting and CRM applications.

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Mobile app

Our mobile app provides a streamlined process for field technicians to manage their field tickets and work orders, both on-site and off-site. With real-time access to work orders, technicians can easily view customer information, schedules, and work order details, enhancing productivity, and reducing errors.


Asset management

In the medical industry it’s very important to keep track of all your equipment and assets. With our software you can monitor your equipment and assets in real-time, making sure that they are always functioning at their best and minimising the risk of equipment failure or downtime.

Relevant products for the Medical equipment industry

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Evatic is a software used all over Europe that helps manage field services. With Evatic, you can easily handle everything from invoicing to scheduling and after-sales support. Evatic enhances and simplifies your medical equipment business operations



Optimise your operations in the medical industry with Tesseract, the cloud-based software. Discover how Tesseract can enhance your efficiency, give you access to important information from anywhere, and empower you to provide superior service to your customers.

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