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How mySalesDrive can drive sustainability in Managed Print & Workplace Tech

Written by Asolvi
Market Trends, Workplace Technology, MySalesDrive


The Sustainability Imperative in Managed Print 

The world of Managed Print Services (MPS) and Workplace Technology is undergoing a seismic shift. Alongside changes in working patterns and reduced print volumes, the intensifying climate emergency sees businesses seeking to align their purchasing decisions with sustainability objectives. Quocirca's Sustainability Market Trends Study 2023 reaffirms this trend, revealing a growing priority among companies to ensure their print infrastructure is not just functional, but also environmentally friendly. 

The study's findings underscore the urgency: 

  • 7 in 10 decision-makers emphasise the importance of suppliers demonstrating their environmental impact reductions. 
  • A whopping 69% of businesses formally track the environmental performance of their print supplier. 
  • Yet, a challenge remains: Over a quarter highlight the lack of sufficient environmental impact data from printer and MFP vendors. 

These statistics send a clear message. To succeed in the contemporary MPS market, vendors need to be equipped with the right tools to highlight the sustainability of their products. 

Enter mySalesDrive (MSD) 

In the context of these revelations, mySalesDrive presents itself as an invaluable ally. As an advanced sales optimisation tool, MSD allows Managed Print and Workplace Technology providers to position themselves at the forefront of the sustainability drive. 

The mySalesDrive Edge: 

Demonstrating Commitment with Data: With mySalesDrive, providers can offer granular data on the environmental efficiency of the copiers and printers they propose. When 69% of businesses demand better sustainability data from suppliers, MSD delivers just that. 

Optimised Recommendations: MSD’s toolset facilitates recommendations tailored to a business's unique needs, focusing on both operational efficiency and environmental impact. This is crucial, given that the top drivers for sustainability initiatives include improving operational efficiency and meeting industry standards. 

Aligning with ESR & CSR Goals: By leveraging MSD, providers not only meet the environmental expectations of their clients but also position themselves in alignment with emerging ESR (Environmental Social Responsibility) and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) standards. This is paramount, especially considering the EU's corporate sustainability reporting directive (CSRD) and similar regulations. 

A Holistic Approach to Sustainability 

While paper reduction strategies, such as responsible printing policies and digital workflows, remain popular, there’s more to sustainability in the print sector than just using less paper. A genuinely sustainable approach considers the entire lifecycle of print infrastructure. 

With the help of sales optimisation tools like mySalesDrive, providers can help businesses see beyond just paper consumption. They can introduce clients to advanced, energy-efficient print strategies, promote the use of remanufactured supplies or refurbished hardware, and even provide proactive insights into environmental analytics. This holistic perspective aligns perfectly with the industry’s move towards circular economy principles. 

Moreover, as businesses pivot towards hybrid working models, investing in workplace technology becomes more than just a matter of efficiency. It becomes an opportunity to modernise print infrastructure with sustainability in mind. 

Conclusion: The Future of Managed Print is Green 

In a world where 80% of decision-makers are willing to pay a premium for products with environmental features, it’s evident that sustainability is not just a passing trend but a core business priority. For Managed Print and Workplace Technology providers, understanding this shift is essential. 

By leveraging tools like mySalesDrive, vendors can confidently navigate this changing landscape, offering clients not just products, but sustainable solutions. As businesses increasingly view sustainability as integral to performance, providers equipped with the right tools will emerge as leaders in the next wave of MPS evolution. 

Stay ahead. Stay sustainable. Explore mySalesDrive today. 

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