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Asolvi launches mySalesDrive integration with Evatic and Vantage Online

Asolvi is pleased to announce the launch of a new direct integration between mySalesDrive and the Vantage Online and Evatic platforms. This integration allows workplace technology and managed print businesses to benefit from a seamless and efficient workflow from assessment, to quote, to order and on to service delivery without the need to re-enter data on multiple occasions.  

June 21, 2023
Written by Asolvi
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When Vantage Online and Evatic are combined with mySalesDrive, they offer full control over end-to-end delivery of a comprehensive managed print service. Contracts, assets, billing, purchasing, inventory, and service operations are managed via Vantage Online and Evatic's cloud-based service management solution, whereas MySalesDrive is a comprehensive sales enablement tool that helps salespeople capture prospects’ current-state, perform powerful analysis and optimisation, and deliver compelling and persuasive future-state quotations and proposals.

Seamlessly synchronise sales and service operations

With the new integration, users can synchronise and share a wide range of data between the two systems, including customer details, asset and device data, price lists and contact information. A quote undertaken in MySalesDrive, be it for a new prospect or an existing client, can now be automatically converted to a sales order in both Evatic and Vantage Online.

It is also now possible to perform fleet optimisation, renewal quoting and ‘future-state’ optimisation activities in MySalesDrive using synchronised data from Vantage Online and Evatic, saving huge amounts of time in managing and maximising business from existing customers.  

This integration delivers a full end-to-end integrated solution from quote, revision, acceptance, sign-off, order-generation, purchasing, installation and ongoing maintenance and billing, all from a single-provider whilst retaining best-of-breed solution usage for end-users. It eliminates the need for manual data entry and duplication, reduces errors and delays, and improves accuracy and consistency. Powerful in a new business context, this integration really comes into its’ own in ensuring your existing customers receive the attention and ongoing management your competition often fail to deliver on, further enhancing customer satisfaction and fostering ongoing loyalty. 

Kevin McNally, Sales Director at Asolvi UK said: “We are thrilled to offer this new integration to our customers. It is a result of our continuous efforts to innovate and improve our products and services. By integrating Vantage Online and Evatic with MySalesDrive, we are providing our customers with a powerful combination of tools that can help them streamline their sales process, increase their efficiency and productivity, and win more business.” 

Alexander Kushnir, Product Manager for MySalesDrive at Asolvi said: “This integration is a game-changer for the workplace technology and managed print services industry. It enables sales teams to leverage the data from Vantage Online and Evatic to create optimised and persuasive proposals in mySalesDrive. It also allows them to easily convert their quotes into orders in Vantage Online without any hassle. This integration saves time and money for our customers and gives them a competitive edge in the market.” 

The new integration with mySalesDrive are available now for all existing and new customers of Vantage Online and Evatic. To find out more about how this integration can benefit your business, please contact us or request a free demo.  

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