Vantage Online

Reduce Costs

Vantage Online reduces Managed Print Service (MPS) business costs by removing the inefficiencies and errors associated with non-digitised workplaces. It increases billing speed and accuracy, optimises service delivery and helps companies better manage stock and consumables inventories.

Increase Profitability

Reduce time-consuming manual processes in all areas of your MPS business and quickly identify customer, contract and device profitability. Improve customer retention, enhance SLAs and optimise your operational resources to ensure efficient and profitable operations.

Improve Productivity

Simple, comprehensive and flexible billing functionality enables you to structure contracts in ways that deliver for you and your clients. Its MPS-specific tools, combined with a 360 view of client interactions, ensures your teams have access to the information at all times.

Vantage Online offers superior service management functionality. It ensures businesses have all field service information in one place and makes sure that data is accessible via a user-friendly and intuitive interface. Vantage Online is a cloud-based, comprehensive and user-friendly solution for the Managed Print Service (MPS) industry.

It’s fully FIFO-compliant and delivers enhanced billing and contract administration, field service, help desk and workshop repair service, comprehensive stock and consumables management on a single platform.

Vantage Online supports proactive and transparent service delivery, contract administration and stock management. It provides a framework that enables MPS businesses to reduce costs, increase productivity and optimise profitability.

Integrations with third-party software delivers flexible, robust reporting and analysis. It includes mobile and web solutions for staff and customers, keeping everyone connected and ensuring efficient field service operations.

Increase your customer service efficiency, reduce costs, improve productivity and equip teams for the digitised workplace. Vantage Online has the power to help your business improve its first-time fix rates and meet KPIs and SLAs.


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Cloud-Based Technology

Accessible anywhere there’s an Internet connection. Vantage Online streamlines business operations while providing robust security, automated back-up and disaster recovery. Our cloud-based technology means that minimal maintenance is required so businesses can focus on their core operations.

Meter/Photocopier Billing

Use Vantage Online’s comprehensive meter billing functionality to simplify and streamline the process of obtaining readings, increasing accuracy and reducing the amount of manual work. This frees up customer support teams to focus on higher-value, less transactional and more proactive customer interactions.

Service Management

Vantage Online’s powerful and highly flexible call control functionality enables businesses to centrally manage help desk, field service and workshop operations. Mobilise your remote staff to reduce duplication, improve service delivery, increase data security and accurately measure your chosen KPI’s .


Contract Administration

Vantage Online allows in advance or arrears billing for any period and offers you the ability to mix and match billing types on a single contract. This maximises profitability, boosts cash flow and cuts the time and resources needed to manage contracts. Vantage Online can also handle pro-rata charges, automated price increases and can consolidate invoices by contract, site, or those issued from head office.

Stock Control/Parts Management

Control your costs, protect cash flow and improve service delivery by effectively managing your stock holdings. Fully FIFO-compliant, Vantage Online integrates with leading distributors to reduce data entry duplication and helps businesses to monitor stock closely. It provides essential data to keep customers informed of job progress and set realistic expectations for completion dates of jobs.

Mobile Working

A mobile app allows field-based staff to complete and update jobs, capture signatures and photos, and access a machine’s complete service history. Its near-real-time synchronisation saves time on reporting job updates, increases the accuracy of manually entered reports and improves your service delivery. Engineer tracking and integration with Google Maps provides detailed engineer and job visibility.

Detailed Reporting and Analysis

Powerful, user-definable dashboards provide easy access to critical information, whether that’s an overview of core business functions or a review of service delivery KPIs. Data can be accessed on-demand through Vantage Online’s powerful analysis centre, or auto-scheduled as fully customisable reports in a choice of formats.

Key Integrations

Easily integrated with leading Data Collection Agents (DCAs), accounting applications and many distributors. This enables Vantage Online to sit at the core of your business and centralise information to produce a unified view of your customer estate. For a full list of our partners & integrations click here .

Comprehensive API

With over a thousand resources available, the comprehensive Vantage Online API is available to all Vantage Online users. All access to data within Vantage Online is via its OData RESTful API which models the entire database allowing high level scalability, flexibility and bespoke functionality.

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