Boost Efficiency

Our extensive database provides the key to decision-making by providing insights into budgets and optimisation approaches.

Drive Profitability

Our insights enable you to identify the optimum sales strategy to both win the deal and maximise profitability.

Optimise Processes

With this application, the entire sales process can be mapped and then seamlessly standardised across teams.

Our Service Will Help Your Business

Automate, standardise and simplify your sales activities in the copy / print, workplace equipment and IT services sectors. In clear steps, mySalesDrive takes you seamlessly and efficiently through the entire selling process.

Our solution enables quick and easy capture and assessment of the current IT hardware, printers, scanners, MFPs, software and processes. This current situation can then be professionally presented and also evaluated and analysed. The next step is for our intuitive optimisation tool to enable easy design of potential options, while facilitating detailed analysis of the respective costs and margins. The standardised quotes and contracts and swift analysis of revised offers mean that mySalesDrive speeds up internal processes and facilitates a swift closing of the sale, while also allowing sales managers and business owners to review past sales and current opportunities so that they can analyse performance, profitability and future potential.

Contact Sales

Mapping’s floorplan workspace enables users to easily visualise the on-site situation and plan future optimisation by plotting the current IT hardware, printers, scanners and MFPs on a floorplan. This module also includes the award-winning “Covid-19 module” which enables users to create a Covid-19 adapted workplace.


Our large set of customisable templates in Word, PowerPoint and Excel enable the creation of reports for both internal and external use. We provide over 8,000 placeholders to enable generation of key data such as rollout lists or order lists, as well as comprehensive presentations for customers.


Not only can every user monitor their own sales prospects, but also offers managers the ability to monitor the sales opportunities of all their users. The reporting enables all users to generate sales statistics for tracking expected and actual results. 

Instant Evaluation

Our extensive device database enables our evaluation of the current situation to deliver comprehensive and actionable results. The powerful dashboard module identifies sales potential and reaches conclusions swiftly and easily.

Modular Structure

Our modular structure allows our customers to access the appropriate solution for their needs. We offer full functionality licences for consultants and specific functionalities for sales and back-office employees. 

Green IT

With sustainability becoming a more and more pressing concern for many companies,’s Green IT module is an easy and convenient way to present extensive environmental status reports to the end-customer.


Due to’s cloud-based technology it is accessible anywhere there is an Internet connection.  It is also compatible with macOS, Windows and iOS platforms.

Mobile offers an intuitive mobile-friendly interface as well as offline capabilities to allow field-based staff to collect and update data, regardless of their location.

Rapid Data Capture offers a variety of data capture methods, including import via .CSV file, capture at the customer site with our offline application or manual entry.

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