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Winserv is the largest Field Service Management (FSM) solution designed for the Fire & Security industry in Sweden. Our software supports your drive for accountability, high service standards and innovation. Comprehensive documentation of your clients' security systems allows you to maximise engineer efficiency and ensure adherence to strict industry regulations. For your peace of mind, Winserv is compliant to the Swedish certification bodies, SFF (Stöldskyddsföreningen) and SBSC (Svensk Brand-och Säkerhetscertifiering).

Winserv delivers control and visibility of jobs, ensuring customer and asset data is securely accessible in near real-time from any connected device. It also provides customised tabs for burglar alarms, fire alarms and CCTV and creates terminal boards and certificates (including SSF and fire certificates) for each site. Winserv is the technician's most valuable tool, providing the data to make confident and correct decisions when out in the field.

It aims to increase profitability by delivering greater insight into asset availability and stock levels, while also improving engineer efficiency and supporting back office staff across the Managed Documents industry. Winserv streamlines contract management, reduces manual data entry, improves data consistency and simplifies project management. This covers everything from error reporting to Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) within a single data source.



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