Reduce Costs

Winserv helps businesses increase cash flow and prevent wastage by providing full stock and asset visibility ensuring organisations meet contractual obligations. Improve stock management and reduce the chance of over-ordering or running out of critical supplies with our easy to use stock management features.

Increase Profitability

Improve profitability by organising and streamlining project management capabilities. Job planning tools provide employees with a complete overview and assist with compliance of the SFF (Stöldskyddsföreningen),  SBSC (Svensk Brand-och Säkerhetscertifiering) and sector-specific directives. 

Improve Productivity

With Winserv, businesses can rationalise contract management, reduce manual data entry, improve data consistency and gain more insight into company-wide operations. Its EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) Connector enables companies to process orders more effectively from major electrical wholesalers by using automation.

Our Service Will Help Your Business

Winserv is the largest Field Service Management (FSM) solution designed for the Fire & Security industry in Sweden. Our software supports your drive for accountability, high service standards and innovation. Comprehensive documentation of your clients' security systems allows you to maximise engineer efficiency and ensure adherence to strict industry regulations. For your peace of mind, Winserv is compliant to the Swedish certification bodies, SFF (Stöldskyddsföreningen) and SBSC (Svensk Brand-och Säkerhetscertifiering).

Winserv delivers control and visibility of jobs, ensuring customer and asset data is securely accessible in near real-time from any connected device. It also provides customised tabs for burglar alarms, fire alarms and CCTV and creates terminal boards and certificates (including SSF and fire certificates) for each site. Winserv is the technician's most valuable tool, providing the data to make confident and correct decisions when out in the field.

It aims to increase profitability by delivering greater insight into asset availability and stock levels, while also improving engineer efficiency and supporting back office staff across the Managed Documents industry. Winserv streamlines contract management, reduces manual data entry, improves data consistency and simplifies project management. This covers everything from error reporting to Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) within a single data source.


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Workshop Management

Workshop Management module includes field, workshop and help desk management tools for flexible call control. Bespoke reporting and resource planning provides the visibility needed to respond efficiently and communicate with engineers and customers.

Planning and Scheduling

A powerful management tool synchronises calendars, provides an overview of jobs across contracts and streamline workflows for simple yet powerful planning. Assign tasks to engineers or technicians and allocate resources to optimise time-to-value (TtV), inventory and service levels. 

Project Management

Winserv has a stand-alone project management module which provides granular tracking and analytical capabilities. It enables businesses to organise and restructure teams, resources and budgets as necessary and measure the results of major AF&S installation projects.

Stock Control

Complete inventory visibility, enabling businesses to carry out fast and accurate forecasting, preventing out-of-stock errors and the delays caused by low stock. Improve first-time fix rates enabling businesses to meet (and sometimes exceed) SLAs and improve customer satisfaction levels.

Mobile Working

Replace outdated manual processes with our smartphone and tablet-compatible app. Provide call controllers with near real-time status of jobs and embrace mobile working with intuitive and comprehensive tools. Capture signatures, imagery and access service history in just a few steps.

Preventative Maintenance

Winserv’s contract management tool fully integrates asset and contract data for an intuitive approach to Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) that reduces equipment failure. Use handy automatic reminders to meet SLAs and never miss a future service appointment.


Winserv makes it quick and easy to create audit-friendly reports such as false alarm analysis and maintenance performance statistics. Simple retrieval of required legal documents and inspection checklists helps your engineers stay compliant to the Swedish certification bodies, SFF (Stöldskyddsföreningen) and SBSC (Svensk Brand-och Säkerhetscertifiering).

Industry Specific Documentation

Maintaining compliance with legal and certification requirements can be time-consuming and error-prone. Winserv is pre-configured with relevant fire and security system forms, allowing businesses to accurately record all compliance related data. Engineers have the tools and data necessary to remain fully compliant with legislation and industry-specific directives. 

EDI Connector

Avoid manual and error-prone processes by using our automated ordering systems. An EDI Connector (Electronic Data Interchange) is used to automate orders from major electrical wholesalers and create accurate order lines. This removes unnecessary admin, data entry and human input, all of which improves accuracy, streamlines processes and reduces costs.

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