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Large Office Equipment Dealer signs up for Asolvi's Vantage Online

Asolvi is pleased to announce that Capital Document Solutions has selected Vantage Online to support their business operations. 

September 14, 2021
Written by Asolvi
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London, UK, 14th September 2021 - Asolvi today confirmed that Capital Document Solutions, Scotland's largest independent office equipment dealer, has selected Vantage Online — Asolvi's cloud-based service management solution for the Managed Print Service (MPS) sector — to support their business operations and help deliver its entire range of product and service offerings.

Before choosing Vantage Online, Capital was using Microsoft Dynamics 2009 (AX). However, as a decade-old on-premises ERP tool, it had started to show limitations that were impacting business operations. 

"We had to invest in the development of bespoke functionality to make AX compatible with our meter billing system and logistics department," explains Graham Thompson, Solutions Delivery Manager at Capital. "If further changes were needed, we would have required significant additional investment and could have incurred considerable disruption to our daily operations. We would also have had all the server management costs and headaches that are associated with a legacy on-premises solution."

The Capital team also knew that, from June 2022, Microsoft would no longer officially support AX. This would leave AX increasingly vulnerable to cyberattacks and may jeopardise compliance with IASME and Cyber Essentials, further strengthening the reason to move to an up-to-date, secure platform.

Capital considered several options and chose Vantage Online because it is designed specifically for the MPS industry. Graham Thompson explains: "We get key functionality like meter billing, helpdesk ticketing, engineer scheduling and a customer portal straight off-the-shelf in a single platform — without having to look for external solutions or commission bespoke bolt-ons. It's straightforward to carry out the everyday tasks such as adding new users and setting permissions. It is also easy to integrate with other software in our business. As such, we’re planning to integrate Vantage Online with our new financial solution, which will help to streamline our invoicing and financial processes." 

The management team at Capital are confident that Vantage Online will begin to deliver significant benefits in the coming weeks and months. Limitations to the legacy software mean that hardware and service calls are handled in different systems, however Vantage Online allows all customer calls to be managed and logged within a single platform. Capital will also use Vantage Online to centralise all customer and product information on a single database. In addition, the solution will enable managers to create detailed reports and analysis. 

"We are delighted that Capital has chosen Asolvi and Vantage Online," comments Tony Milford, Commercial Director at Asolvi. "As the leading office equipment dealer in Scotland, the company needed a solution that was developed specifically for the print industry — one that could deliver real benefits straight away without any additional investment. Vantage Online also has the potential to provide Capital with automated back-up and disaster recovery services and robust security — all without the costs and the resource allocation associated with legacy on-premises solutions."   

About Asolvi

With decades of combined experience developing solutions for a variety of field service sectors, Asolvi’s products support thousands of engineers, millions of contracts, and tens of millions of service tasks. Its mission is to continue creating, deploying and refining new functionality and solutions for the largely under-served SME market, through close customer relations and strategic partnerships. 

Asolvi is a leading provider of service management software for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the field service industry in Europe, employing more than 140 staff in ten offices across the continent. The company was founded in 1991 in Trondheim, Norway, and has grown organically and through recent acquisitions to reach 1,600+ customers in 35+ countries. It is headquartered in Trondheim, Norway, and is a private company owned by Volpi Capital, Viking Venture and the Management. More information about Asolvi’s services can be found at: https://asolvi.com.

About Capital Document Solutions

Capital Document Solutions is an independent office equipment dealer with over 40 years of experience. The company’s headquarters are based in Edinburgh, with regional offices in Glasgow, Aberdeen, and Inverness. Capital offers a range of services, including managed print, fleet management, document lifecycle, digital transformation, and mobile printing. Key manufacturer partners include Ricoh, Konica Minolta, Canon, Hewlett Packard, Fujitsu, PaperCut, uniFLOW, Kofax and Laserfiche. www.capital-solutions.co.uk

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