Evatic Group Becomes Asolvi

Written by Asolvi AS

We have a new name… ‘Asolvi’.

Evatic Group has been rebranded Asolvi to reflect how much it has changed and developed in the last two years, and to position itself for what’s to come. Following the acquisitions of Tesseract in the UK and WinServ in Sweden, Asolvi is now the leading provider of service management software for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in Europe, helping 800 customers across 30 countries attain greater flexibility, scalability and profitability in their service operations.

Inge K. Hårsaker, Asolvi’s Vice President of Global Sales, explains, “There is strength in numbers and in unity and this rebrand unites our three products — Evatic, Tesseract and WinServ — under one umbrella. But Evatic customers should not fear. Evatic Service will continue to endure as the leading edge service management solution for the documents & imaging industry. The big benefit of this union is the consolidation of experience in the service management space, which will facilitate the development and improvement of our products.”

Kevin McNally, UK Sales Director for Tesseract, explains, “After all the big changes of the past couple of years, a major rebranding was the natural next step. With our new name come new goals, new values and a new commitment to finding better and better solutions for service providers. But Tesseract isn’t going anywhere; I want to assure our customers of that. Service Centre 5.1 will continue to grow and develop under the Asolvi umbrella and Tesseract’s long-standing team will continue to be here to support it.”

Pål M. Rødseth, CEO of Asolvi, explains the motivations behind the rebrand: “Evatic, Tesseract and WinServ have been in the marketplace for a long time. They have their own unique properties and benefits and are firmly established in their respective segments. We decided that the time was right to distinguish between the company and its products.”

But why ‘Asolvi’? Rødseth explains: “We wanted a name indicative of the fact that we don’t just supply software. We solve problems. We find solutions to our clients’ service management needs. We’re a partner that helps you become more efficient.” He adds, smiling, “And we’re a multilingual company, so we also wanted something easy to pronounce in many languages!”

Rødseth goes on to explain how he expects Asolvi’s recent growth to bring some stability to the market. “Having acquired both Tesseract and WinServ in the last 18 months, we expect to continue the much-needed consolidation of service management software players in the SMB space in Europe. Being a larger entity gives us economy of scale to meet the future demands of modern service companies.”

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