Asolvi Acquires UK's Leading Provider, Vantage Computing

Written by Asolvi AS

Asolvi today announces the acquisition of Vantage Computing (, one of the world’s most trusted developers of service management solutions.

The procurement of Vantage Computing will enable a large number of Asolvi’s customers (typically small to mid-sized companies) to benefit from Vantage Online: Vantage Computing’s cloud-based product, currently providing streamlined and in-depth insights for 150 organizations. Now underneath the Asolvi umbrella, Vantage Computing’s software solution will reach even more small to mid-sized businesses and be further developed for this purpose.

The acquisition – Asolvi’s fourth in three years, with three of its purchased companies being UK in origin – means that together the companies will have more than 1,000 customers across 35+ countries.

“The acquisition of Vantage Computing was a natural move for us,” comments Pål M. Rødseth, CEO of Asolvi. “Previously a competitor of Purpose Software, which we acquired last month, Vantage Computing complements our Evatic solution as it will help reach more customers that are smaller in size. We are very excited to work with Tony Milford and his team and are looking forward to drawing on the strength of the Asolvi family to utilize Vantage Computing to its full potential. Tony and I believe that both companies will be stronger together and that we’ll be able to generate efficient and seamless services for a large section of the industry.”

“It makes sense for us to be a part of the Asolvi family,” adds Tony Milford, CEO of Vantage Computing. “Bringing the teams together means that we are able to develop and build better products on a more solid foundation with Asolvi. We are incredibly excited to be one of the component companies within the market leader in service management solutions for document management, and I look forward to continue the journey as a part of the Asolvi family.”

With decades of combined experience developing solutions for a broad array of field service sectors, Asolvi’s products manage thousands of engineers, millions of contracts, and tens of millions of service tasks. Its mission is to continue creating, developing and honing new functionality and solutions for the largely under-served SME market, through collaboration and close relations with its customers. By understanding the issues, needs and preferences of SMEs, the company is in a prime position to deliver the robust and intelligent solutions that the increasingly service-oriented economy demands.

The consecutive acquisitions of Tesseract (in 2016), WS Software (in 2017), and, most recently, Purpose Software in January 2019, is in line with Asolvi’s strategy to become the leading provider of field service management systems for SMEs in Europe. The company has now added Vantage Computing’s Vantage Online and Service Accent, Purpose Software’s 2Serv and CBS solutions to its broadening product suite, which already includes the world-renowned Evatic, Tesseract and WinServ solutions.

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