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Case study

Streamlining the sales process: How Witzig improved efficiency and increased ROI

Asolvi's sales enablement tool, mySalesDrive, helped Swiss-based workplace technology provider, Witzig, streamline their sales process and increased efficiency. With real-time customer assessments and tablet data recording, Witzig saw a significant increase in turnover and closure rates, and salespeople now spend less time on administrative tasks. Find out how mySalesDrive can help grow your business.
Written by Asolvi
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Leading Swiss-based workplace technology provider, Witzig, was facing a common challenge with their sales process. Their self-designed Excel-based process for undertaking assessments and producing sales proposals was becoming complicated and increasingly slow to use. More importantly it was leading to lost opportunities due to the need to pick which opportunities resources allowed them to really focus on.

That is when Witzig discovered mySalesDrive, from Asolvi could help them streamline their processes and increase their efficiency.

With mySalesDrive, Witzig can assess their customers current and future state needs in near real-time, with salespeople using tablets to record all device locations and usage data quickly and comprehensively in its easy to use and powerful MPS and IT interface.

Efficiency Boosted Significantly 

The ROI from using mySalesDrive has been significant. Witzig’s sales team can produce offers much faster, increasing their capacity by at least 50%. They no longer have to prioritise some proposals over others and as a direct result have seen turnover increase and their closure rate increase by 30-40% overall. Indeed, they are now regularly producing 5 comprehensive and compelling proposals in a single morning, where previously they would have been struggling to complete two or three.

With 120 employees and currently producing more than 920 proposal per year, Witzig have seen a measurable increase in the efficiency of their sales team since adopting mySalesDrive. Sales people now spend less time on back-office administrative tasks and the time saved, which Witzig credit as one of the major benefits of mySalesDrive, now used to spend more time with the customers and prospects.

"A genuine game-changer"

With an enhanced view of individual deal profitability, which they describe as “amazing” and the ability to present accurate, compelling, and innovative proposals in a fraction of the time previously required.  Tomas Louvric, Sales Director, Witzig, has described mySalesDrive as "a genuine game-changer”.

In a time when all businesses need to maximise opportunities, deliver increasing value to their clients and manage their resources as efficiently and effectively as possible, mySalesDrive allows Witzig to ‘Do more, with less’, Louvric continues.  

Find out more on how mySalesDrive can help you grow your business by clicking here

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