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Roderburg Goes From Fragmented To Integrated With Asolvi

Roderburg Document & Technology Centre will soon discover why integration is more than just a buzzword.

Written by Asolvi

The company, headquartered in Mönchengladbach, Germany, began its life as a reseller of printers and copiers from top brands like Ricoh, Sharp, HP and Utax. It now offers managed print services (MPS) in line with the global industry shift to selling everything as a service, servicing 4,000 machines in the field (MIF). And with print continuing to decline, Roderburg has expanded upon its core business by selling IP telephony and document management software such as InfoOffice and DocuWare. The company positions itself as an innovative solutions provider for the modern office, dedicated to helping its customers embark on a path towards digital transformation.

Now Roderburg has decided to effect a digital transformation of its own. Having relied for years on a fragmented service management system with multiple disparate parts, it has turned to Asolvi to bring everything it does under one umbrella.

“Currently we have our main ERP system, a separate mobile app for our field engineers, and we use Microsoft Excel for importing meter readings,” says Thomas Roderburg, owner of Roderburg Document & Technology Centre. “None of it is integrated, forcing us to do a lot of manual work to bring the different parts of the system in line with each other. There are other problems, too. We have large toner stocks at our customers’ sites but no idea how much because our system doesn’t give us any visibility. We decided it was time to find one solution to cover everything.”

Ricoh in Germany recommended that Roderburg contact Asolvi. Asolvi’s broad-scope field service management software covers all stages of the service chain, including sales, contracts, stock, repairs, field work, invoicing and reporting. Importantly, it also has functionality specially developed for the documents & imaging industry. This includes machine-to-machine (M2M) solutions that interface with MIF to collect data remotely and generate invoices and toner replacements automatically.

After an onsite demonstration of the system, Roderburg chose to incorporate Asolvi’s Evatic solution. Thomas Roderburg explains, “Evatic has features that will really help us get control of our toner stocks and give us a real-time overview of our profitability, which we haven’t had before. We were also swayed by some very encouraging ROI results from other Evatic customers. One customer was saving 45 manual work hours each month. Another had reduced the number of return visits it made to customer sites from 30% to 12% through various process improvements.”

The implementation of Evatic will provide Roderburg Document & Technology Centre with an all-encompassing and fully integrated field service management system. “We are about to find out why integration is so important in the digital transformation era,” says Roderburg. “Having one system for everything means we’ll have full visibility of our contracts, customers and machines and be able to eliminate huge amounts of burdensome manual work. We’re also expecting to see reduced onsite toner stocks with the M2M capabilities. Our customers will benefit too. We’re implementing the Evatic customer service portal, which gives them more control and transparency.”

Following a short sales cycle, Asolvi has engaged its implementation partners in Germany to start the deployment process. Soon Roderburg will start to experience the increased efficiency, profitability and scalability that other Asolvi customers enjoy.

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