Move to Azure – A key step into the future

Monday, 28 June 2021

As many of you will have seen, we recently took the hugely significant step of moving Vantage Online to be hosted on Microsoft Azure. This is really great news for customers, as the move to Azure will give you some considerable benefits:

• Availability – With a Microsoft SLA of 99.95%, you can really have the confidence that you will be able to truly rely on Vantage Online being available.

• Security – We know that you place great value on protecting your information and so we wanted to move to a highly secure environment. With Microsoft’s energy and resources behind the security of the Azure platform, Vantage Online customers have the assurance that their data is secure.

• Scalability – As you grow, so your data requirements will grow. Moving to Azure means that we are giving you the capacity to expand as the demands of your business develop.

• Performance - With the resources of Microsoft at our disposal, Vantage Online will be able to deliver the performance that you require.

To minimise disruption to your business, we carried out the migration over a weekend and it all went exceptionally smoothly.

The move to Azure streamlines the deployment process of Vantage Online, making it easier and quicker to implement future improvements and product releases. It also provides Asolvi with an outstanding level of control over the underlying infrastructure for the solution. The code optimisation that was part of the move will also provide a really secure foundation for what is sure to be an exciting next chapter in the development of Vantage Online.

New functionality...
We have recently made some improvements to two specific areas of Vantage Online. The first concerns an expansion of the file formats in which automated reports can be delivered. Until recently, scheduled reports were only available in PDF format, but, to make things easier for customers, we have now added Excel and CSV to the list of available formats.

In addition, we have also made it easier for customers to make adjustments and refinements to statistical outputs from Vantage Online. You now have the ability to control the ticket categories included in Analysis Centre calculations for response, uptime and first-time-fix column data.

New Case Studies
It is always great to see new customers adopting Vantage Online. We have recently published case studies on two companies who have switched to Vantage Online for different reasons. Anglotech are a rapidly growing company who needed a scalable solution that would have the flexibility and functionality to grow with them. On the other hand, MB Digital were users of 2serv, a legacy Asolvi solution which is being phased out. They needed a more sophisticated solution, particularly in terms of mobile functionality, and decided that Vantage Online was the best solution for them.