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Field service software solutions


workplace technology industry

Streamline your workplace technology business with Asolvi's service, sales and contract management solution

Are you overwhelmed with managing service delivery and contract administration for an ever-expanding range of products and services? Do you feel that your sales processes could be more organised and produce more consistent results? 

Asolvi's cutting-edge software for workplace technology solution providers is here to streamline your operations, transforming your business and reducing the time it takes to perform critical operational and administrative tasks. 

With over 30 years of experience, Asolvi has empowered companies in the workplace technology industry to optimise their workflow. Our solutions cater to a broad range of workplace technology including, office print, telecoms, audio-visual and IT hardware and associated software and services. 

Request a demo and experience how Asolvi's service, sales and contract billing software solutions can revolutionise your workplace technology business. 

Who is our workplace technology field service software for?

Asolvi's leading workplace technology software is designed for companies working with:
  • Office Print 
  • Telecoms 
  • Audio-Visual 
  • IT

Selected key features for the workplace technology industry


Reporting and analysis

Leverage powerful dashboards to monitor and improve KPIs and business functions. Make informed decisions and drive business growth with automated reporting and analysis.


Contract management and invoicing

Simplify meter billing and invoicing for contracts with diverse charges, equipment types, services, and durations. Eliminate time-consuming complexities and streamline your billing process. 


Industry-specific Integrations

Experience seamless integration with leading DCAs, accounting systems, and ERP solutions out-of-the-box. Cater to custom integration requirements with comprehensive APIs for a truly tailored solution.



Mobile working

Enable field service staff to work seamlessly on mobile apps, ensuring real-time updates, access to service history, and the ability to capture photos and signatures on-the-go.


Stock and consumables management

Organise your inventory and parts to enhance efficiency, reduce downtime, and optimise resource allocation.


Help desk

Efficiently manage service calls, track customer enquiries, and log calls with our help desk features. Streamline communication, enhance customer service, and optimise scheduling and planned maintenance to avoid conflicts and delays.



Improve sales processes

Quickly capture, assess, and analyse your IT hardware, printers, scanners, MFPs, software, and processes. Use our intuitive optimisation tool to design potential options and analyse costs and margins for compelling proposals. 



Standardised quotes, contracts, and swift analysis

Create standardised quotes and contracts to accelerate internal processes and sales closure. Review past sales and current opportunities for performance analysis, profitability assessment, and future potential evaluation.


Relevant products in the workplace technology industry



Evatic is a full-featured software used in countries all over Europe. It offers a complete solution to manage field service, from scheduling, invoicing to after-sale service. Discover more about how Evatic can streamline operations for your workplace technology business.

Vantage Online

Vantage Online is a cloud-based service management software designed for the workplace technology industry. Read more about how Vantage Online can help your business grow. 

MSD in tablet


MySalesDrive is an award-winning software for optimising sales processes, designed to assist workplace technology dealers in selling more efficiently. Read more about how MySalesDrive can boost efficiency for your business. 


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