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Introducing Asolvi Protect's Quote Centre: Streamlining sales quotations for fire and security companies

Asolvi are pleased to announce the launch of the newest feature for Asolvi Protect: Quote Centre. This new addition completes the full lifecycle of a fire and security system from initial quotation through to installation and maintenance. 

July 3, 2023
Written by Asolvi

In the ever-changing world of fire and security, efficiency and professionalism are key. With this in mind, and with extensive feedback from both new and existing clients, the Quotes Centre reinvents the way companies create, manage, and send sales quotations. By providing a streamlined and intuitive experience, the Quote Centre significantly contributes to higher win rates and improved customer satisfaction.

How It works

Antony Everington, Product Manager for Asolvi Protect shows how the feature works:

Centralised information

The Quote Centre consolidates all relevant information in one place, which is essential for efficient operations. Quotes are conveniently stored against each customer, providing easy access to crucial details. 

Businesses can effortlessly add parts lists, handle recurring charges such as maintenance with adjustable frequencies and prices, and attach files like floorplans or surveyor's notes directly to the quote. Additionally, the platform allows setting contract start dates and durations, ensuring accurate and transparent agreements with clients.

Effortless and professional quotation creation

Businesses can quickly and easily generate sales quotations as well as manage their existing contracts and jobs in one single platform, which eliminates the need to switch between various tools and systems. This, along with custom branded templates and an improvement in the time it takes to turnaround allow fire and security companies to generate professional looking quotes effortlessly, giving a sense of trust, credibility, and attention to detail.

Discover Asolvi Protect

Asolvi Protect's Quote Centre allows businesses to streamline their quotation process, accelerate turnaround times, and present professional looking proposals that inspire confidence. With its intuitive design and centralised information management, the Quote Centre is a must-have tool for organisations seeking to optimise their efficiency, improve customer experience, and ultimately achieve higher win rates. 

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