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HBE - How Tesseract increased automation and improved profitability

HBE is one of the leading suppliers of water hygiene services across the UK and Ireland, helping organisations provide a safe & compliant built environment for their employees and visitors.

Written by Asolvi

HBE have a philosophy of delivering the highest standards in service across their water hygiene, water treatment, remote monitoring, consultancy and training services across a number of sectors including Health and Social care, Education, Local Government and Councils, Facilities and Property Management, Manufacturing, Industrial and Social housing.

System development has been led by IT Manager, Neil Bolton, whose role is to generate business system improvements and efficiencies, to manage the integration with other HBE systems and to nurture a culture of system adoption with HBE’s remote field staff who are located throughout the UK and Ireland.

HBE’s Tesseract system has been heavily customised over the past 6 years, building in the additional functionality required to manage their complex and industry-specific business processes as well as to automate as many of their compliance procedures as possible.

Legionella Control is a highly regulated industry, operating within strict legislative and best practice guidance, adhering to tight processes and controls for works planning, scheduling, delivery, reporting, certification of the completed works and communication with their Clients. Tesseract has been customised to automate and validate the data collection and record keeping processes, ensuring that the data generated is valid and complete whilst creating the required clear audit trail.

Neil explained “Increased levels of data visibility across the entire workflow process, has driven efficiency into our work planning processes, allowing us to clearly monitor our performance against both internal and client contract KPIs.

Automated daily, weekly, & monthly system reporting feeds the critical information requirements for contract resource planning to ensure that we complete all planned tasks within the KPI timelines.

The Tesseract system allows us to clearly see the time our Engineers spend on site as well as generating information about travel times between sites, versus the contract plan. One of the biggest innovations came with the introduction of system generated time sheets which instantly released our Engineers from completing time consuming paperwork, to undertake more productive tasks.”

In the latest step in HBE’s digital transformation, they have just moved from an on-premises version to Tesseract’s new cloud-based solution, which allows them to free-up even more internal resource and infrastructure.

By utilizing more of the features within Tesseract, this has meant that they have been able to replace an old SQL database and manual inputs/importing with the use of XML import via Asolvi API, which automatically checks the import for erroneous data, ensuring that all data entered into the system is right first time and that all report fields are correct.

With new enhancements to call triggers providing automated updates in newly built calls and call queue processing, HBE has seen a reduction in the time needed by their IT/Operations team on call management.

The ETA feature has ensured improved satisfaction with the reassurance that calls cannot go past the deadline, therefore achieving full KPI compliance.

“By having full access to jobs, terms, and resources, we can analyse contract performance with a 360-degree view across that contract” said Neil, “enabling us to forecast future work with more accuracy.

From an IT development perspective, Tesseract has enabled me to reduce bottlenecks created from an over reliance on the IT team to complete tasks. Through building the functionality into the system based upon our processes and running a series of feedback and training sessions, we have created a level of Super Users within our Customer Service Centre team, who take responsibility for many of the tasks that previously had fallen into IT’s inbox.”

Neil went on to say “Analysis shows that HBE has so far saved around 80 working days of manual paperwork each year through using Tesseract. I would say that any organisation that provides highly regulated site-based services should certainly consider Tesseract as a potential solution.”

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