We are pleased to announce the launch of Tesseract Remote Engineer Access (REA) v6.4

Written by Asolvi AS

Adding to the current benefits and features available in REA6, this latest version offers engineers full visibility of all tasks specified on a service call. Engineers can choose to complete multiple tasks at once, using our simple quick complete feature, or link a specific task to a service report for a more detailed task completion. Also added in v6.4, are status indicators in the call list and an enhanced map view with multiple call clustering and direct access to full call details from the map view.

I already use REA6, what’s new and how do I upgrade?

It will depend on your current REA6 version but the headline new or improved features are:

  • Simple multi-task closedown
  • Advanced task closedown
  • Enhanced Call List with status indicators
  • Enhanced Map View

Upgrading to v6.4 from earlier versions is straightforward, but please raise a ticket with the support team to plan your upgrade.

I currently use REAV, how and why should I upgrade?

This latest generation product offers several benefits over REAV and offers the majority of the most popular features.

To learn more about the current features available in REA6, please click here to access the Asolvi Customer Portal

Upgrading is straightforward and you have the option of using REAV & REA6 side-by-side if an existing REAV feature is not yet available. You can discuss your specific circumstances and start planning your upgrade by raising a ticket with the support team.

What Charges Are There?

This new version of Remote Engineer Access is available, at no extra cost, to all customers with a current Asolvi subscription agreement. Any supplementary training or support services will be charged at our standard rates.

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