The Asolvi Customer Engagement Centre – A Key Tool for Improving Customer Communication

Written by Asolvi AS

As a business, Asolvi will only be successful if our customers are successful. We know that our software plays a crucial role in making your business efficient, effective and, ultimately, profitable. However, we also appreciate that sometimes you need help to ensure you’re making the most of your investment.

Typically, that help falls into three main categories:

1. Fixing issues and problems that arise

2. Utilising all the relevant features in the right way

3. Meeting new and potential future requirements

We are keen to ensure that we are accessible to you and are as efficient as possible in our dealings with you when you need us. So, for these reasons, we have established our new Customer Engagement Centre (CEC).

The CEC is part of Asolvi’s wider Customer Success programme, which includes in its aims:

1. Ensuring that customer interests are at the centre of everything that we do. This is often related to product developments, but also concerns other areas such as training, support or product information.

2. Thinking about the potential impact of internal decisions and actions on customers.

It is important to stress that the CEC is not just another name for “support”. It is intended to be very much the “voice of the customer”. On a practical level, the CEC handles issues such as:

  • Helping customers when onboarding new staff members. This could, for example, include guiding, training and assisting new team members on how to navigate our Customer Support Portal. This would ensure they’re capable of raising tickets appropriately and that tickets are managed as efficiently as possible.
  • Capturing feedback on new software releases and listening to ideas on how some of the new features could be further developed to provide even greater benefits.
  • Ensuring that billing queries are being quickly addressed and resolved. We know that you want to be updated regularly on what is happening and be assured that the relevant people are handling the issue.

We know from customer feedback that many of you want the ability to self-serve. That’s why we’ve made the Customer Support Portal a central part of the CEC. Raising support issues via the portal enables us to provide faster solutions to your problems as we can capture all the relevant information quickly and easily. However, we are still available on the phone, if that is how you prefer to contact us — or if the issue is urgent.

The CEC is here to help us to listen to you and, as such, plays an important role in our ongoing commitment to improving customer communications and responsiveness — as well as delivering value-driven relationships. It initially launches as a UK pilot project, but we will be closely monitoring its performance and assessing how it can be more widely rolled out.

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