Vantage Online’s flexibility and functionality facilitate Anglotech’s growth

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Vantage Online’s flexibility and functionality facilitate Anglotech’s growth.

Anglotech has grown rapidly over recent years. The company has its origins in Wellingborough, in the English East Midlands, but, through a series of acquisitions, has become a nationwide operation. The company now has three offices, spread from Darlington in the north to London in the south, supplying businesses and other organisations with a wide range of print, telephony and IT solutions.

In its current form, Anglotech came into being in 2018 and utilised a generalised service management tool to manage its business. The following year, the company made its first acquisition. By coincidence, the business that it acquired also used the same solution, so the integration of the two companies was reasonably painless and straightforward. However, with a growth strategy with acquisitions as a key pillar, the company realised that it would need to take further steps to ensure that future acquisitions were as easily assimilated. With other businesses being taken over in 2019, the need for a better, more scalable solution became more pressing.

With many years’ experience in the copy / print and workplace technology sectors, Anglotech’s directors were already aware of Vantage Online. However, the company prudently decided to conduct a full assessment of the available options and looked closely at a number of competing systems. Although having a solution that was tailored to their industry was important, having a flexible and sophisticated solution was also an important consideration for Anglotech. Just one example of their requirements is in the area of invoicing, where it needed the ability to adjust formats and the look and feel of invoices, as the companies that they acquired were re-branded and gradually assimilated. Connectivity with accounting packages was also crucial, as they wanted to improve efficiency by eliminating manual processes. However, the over-riding principles were to maximise efficiency, to automate as far as possible and to enable their workforce to operate effectively, whatever their location.

Anglotech took the decision to adopt Vantage Online in November 2020 and went fully live with the system in February 2021. As Richard Willson, Anglotech’s Operations Director explains, the implementation went smoothly; “Because of the pandemic, our training had to be carried out remotely. However, this worked out well, because we recorded the sessions and were able to play them back later. This meant that once we had got all the basics, we were able to go back, watch again and then explore and implement some of the more advanced features without having to ask Asolvi. Overall, we are very impressed and Vantage Online has certainly made life easier. The training was intense, but it needed to be. Functions such as reporting are really impressive and we are now in a position to really start drilling down into the business and make assessments on many different metrics.”

As Mansel Turnham, Anglotech’s Finance Director concludes, “We are now in the perfect position to be able to integrate any future acquisition. It will be easy to bolt new companies on”.

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