Staying Cool With Tesseract - For Over 20 Years

Written by Asolvi AS

ICS Cool Energy is an interesting business, with customers ranging from high profile, glamorous television productions and Formula 1 racing teams to food and pharmaceutical production facilities. The company, based in the port city of Southampton on England’s south coast, has been in existence for over 30 years and focuses firmly on the manufacture, sale and servicing of temperature control solutions for a very wide range of applications and industries. Much of ICS’s business is in the provision of purpose-built cooling solutions for manufacturing and storage facilities. For example, for heating a large warehouse where the goods must be stored at or above a certain temperature or for cooling food manufacturing plants or breweries. However, the applications of their technology go much wider and it has been used for cooling both by Formula 1 racing teams in their production facilities and by temporary ice rinks, which are often set up at Christmas or for other events, and for heating temporary hospitals set up to help deal with the COVID-19 pandemic.

ICS Cool Energy’s products are often hidden away and not visible, but that does not mean that service and maintenance is not required. Maintaining a precise temperature is vital in many applications, particularly in food and pharmaceutical production, and so service and maintenance is a key aspect of the ICS business. Back in 1999, the company decided to adopt Tesseract to manage its service business and has continued to use it ever since. The company was looking for a comprehensive, flexible solution that could offer various facets of its UK and Ireland service business efficiently. ICS’s main application of Tesseract is in three main areas:

  • Contract administration – To avoid manual processes, Tesseract is used to manage the main service contracts that ICS holds with many of its customers. This covers mainly billing and renewals.
  • Non-contract business – Some ICS equipment is integrated into 3rd party equipment or is sold without a maintenance contract. Tesseract is used to book the service calls, capture the details, schedule an appropriate engineer and store the resulting documentation (such as visit reports).
  • Planned maintenance – With 50 engineers to manage and customers requiring a variety of service intervals, Tesseract is invaluable in scheduling visits and monitoring adherence to customer requirements.

ICS Cool Energy have utilised Tesseract’s API to establish links to other key internal systems, helping to make the invoicing and crediting processes simple and seamless and allowing the sales team to be aware of customer issues, planned visits and any other service-related topics.

ICS Cool Energy has an unrivalled choice for process temperature control and HVAC solutions that keep all types and sizes of businesses running. Their technically trained engineers provide the most efficient temperature control solutions for the demands of their customers, whether this be a temporary seasonal demand or more permanent solution. These units, particularly those that stay in place for longer than anticipated, still require servicing and so ICS Cool Energy have linked Tesseract to its hire system so that maintenance and service visits can be scheduled.

As a long-term user of Tesseract, ICS Cool Energy’s original reasons for adopting Tesseract are lost in the mists of time. The key fact is that ICS is a growing and developing business and that it is able to adapt Tesseract to its changing requirements. As Dean Kipling, the Group Application Development Lead at ICS concludes “Tesseract is a key tool in managing our service business. We have been able to continue using Tesseract as our business modernised and are now in the process of migrating it from on-premise to being hosted on the cloud. We have been working with Tesseract for many years and expect to do so for many more to come”.

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