Evatic Brings Automation To Holland's Top Office Supplier

Written by Asolvi AS

De Kantoorspecialist, the Dutch wholesale supplier committed to improving life in the office, has just transformed its service operation from a patchwork of slow-moving parts into a fast, cohesive whole.

Established in 1989 and based in Veenendaal, De Kantoorspecialist is a Ricoh, Sharp and HP dealer that provides IT, print and document management services, audiovisual solutions, office equipment and furniture to workplaces all over the Netherlands. Its goal is to boost worker enthusiasm and productivity and generally make employees’ lives easier and more enjoyable.

Now De Kantoorspecialist is about to experience this philosophy for itself, courtesy of Asolvi and its leading-edge solution for print and document management providers, Evatic. Previously De Kantoorspecialist used a generic ERP system and a separate database for customer contracts and quotes. The software was not designed for print and document management providers and did not have contract or field service management components, which meant a lot of De Kantoorspecialist’s work was manual and labour-intensive.

“We decided to implement Asolvi’s Evatic solution for a number of reasons,” says Evert van Engelenhoven, managing director of De Kantoorspecialist. “Evatic is all-encompassing and runs our entire operation, from sales to service. It’s specially designed for managed print services and enables proactive and cost-effective management of toner use and replacement, as well as automated meter readings and invoicing. We were also impressed by its excellent interface with Microsoft Office 365 and our accounting module, and the sophisticated contract management system which we’re also using for our audiovisual and IT services contracts.”

Evatic connects to all the multifarious machines in the field (MIF) that De Kantoorspecialist is charged with managing and maintaining. Evatic collects real-time information directly from these machines and processes it according to a series of rules, automatically generating invoices, toner replacements and predictive maintenance alerts. This saves time, cuts out wasted toner, reduces machine downtime and limits the number of field service visits required, all the while maximising asset lifetimes. Evatic makes managed print services smart by connecting printers and copiers to the ever-growing Internet of Things and empowering providers like De Kantoorspecialist to be more efficient, more productive and more proactive.

“With Evatic, we’ve entered the realm of smart printing and smart service management,” says van Engelenhoven. “We’re looking forward to having more control of our processes, a better overview of our profitability, and a reduced need to keep hiring more staff as our customer base grows.”

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