Asolvi Helps Growth Of Germany's Biggest Foodservice Company

Written by Asolvi AS

Germany’s biggest foodservice company, Chefs Culinar, is upgrading to the newest version of Evatic, Asolvi’s leading-edge software platform, to optimise its service chain and facilitate the acquisition of two companies.

Founded in 1981 and based in Kiel, Chefs Culinar supplies professional kitchen equipment and wholesale food products to six countries across Europe. Charged with servicing over 10,000 assets, Chefs Culinar has used Evatic software to manage all service and maintenance projects since 2011.

Now it’s decided to upgrade to Evatic Insider under Asolvi’s new licence agreement to take advantage of the software’s newest features. Chefs Culinar’s head of large-kitchen technology Eric Holderied says, “Evatic Insider will streamline our service operation even further. We’ll get access to the improved task handling and scheduling platform, which gives dispatchers more control and more flexibility. The just-released GDPR functions and documentation will help us comply with our new obligations. And the customer web portal will give our customers a lot more visibility. We’ll also be able to better monitor our customer service levels thanks to the new customer satisfaction buttons in Evatic Mobile Service.”

However, the main trigger for upgrading is Chefs Culinar’s two recent acquisitions. This engendered a need to align the service management of the new companies with that of Chefs Culinar and its affiliates. Holderied explains, “Evatic Insider comes with unlimited users so we’ll be able to roll out the software across the two new companies easily and quickly. Integrating them with Chefs Culinar will be far smoother than if we’d stuck with the older version of Evatic.”

Holderied goes on to explain one of the reasons why Chefs Culinar has maintained its partnership with Asolvi over the years. “Apart from the fact that its software makes service management a lot simpler and more profitable, the other thing we like about Asolvi is its commitment to knowing the professional kitchen industry inside out. They’re keen to understand the needs and the problems that players in our industry face.”

Asolvi currently stands as the number one vendor of service management software for professional kitchen companies in Germany.

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