Why Maintenance In Property Security Is So Important

Written by Asolvi AS

Careful and thorough maintenance of property security systems, such as intruder alarms, access control and video surveillance, has always been extremely important. If a building’s security fails, the safety of people, assets, operations and data is compromised and the consequences can be devastating.

But the systems that protect buildings are much more complex and sophisticated than they used to be. We’re moving away from traditional bells-only burglar alarms and analogue CCTV. The new world of property security is smart. Systems are being developed in which devices and machines that are connected to each other via the internet can sense potentially disastrous events and take steps to avert them.

For example, a camera could detect an intruder with a gun and automatically switch off the lights and lock all the doors, leaving the intruder trapped and confused until the police arrive. Smart security solutions range from robotic security guards and surveillance drones to millimetre-wave imaging sensors that detect bombs and firearms, all interacting with each other through a single point.

New Technology, New Challenges

It won’t be long before smart security goes mainstream, particularly given estimates that the global Internet of Things (IoT) will consist of 200 billion smart devices by 2020. However, new technologies breed new risks. While the increasing application of IoT technology to physical security systems makes for more comprehensive, responsive and reliable security, it comes with its own set of challenges. Offline security assets are not vulnerable to cyber attacks, but internet-connected security assets are. That’s why a report on 2019 security megatrends by the Security Industry Association has identified cybersecurity’s impact on physical security as the top trend to shape the industry in 2019.

In general, the complexity, interconnectivity and cybersecurity implications of 21st-century security systems are why pre-planned preventative maintenance of those systems is vital. It’s more important than it used to be, when systems weren’t as clever, capable or effective. Now that they can do so much more, the pressure is on systems providers to ensure that they do.

Robust Security Needs Robust FSM

This is why a robust field service management (FSM) system with centralised data and automated processes is particularly important for security systems providers. The complexity of the systems they are charged with maintaining means they simply cannot afford any weak links in their service operation. Downtime is not an option and faults and errors have to be eliminated first time, ideally before they cause problems.

Asolvi has proven expertise in this area and offers globally renowned solutions that digitally transform security systems providers, making everything they do faster, slicker and more responsive. Our security clients include SCCI Alphatrack, Cryptex and ProtectMyProperty in the UK, and Great Security and Larmcenter in Sweden. These providers use our solutions to control and manage the installation and maintenance of traditional and smart security systems in residential and commercial spaces.

Make Your Service As Smart As Your Security Systems

As a dedicated FSM solutions provider, our software covers all the fundamental elements of a field service operation.

  • Powerful contract and asset management tools ensure that you keep on top of all preventative and corrective maintenance obligations.
  • Fully centralised data makes it easy for service teams to surface the information they need when they need it.
  • Sophisticated job management and scheduling programs automatically prioritise and assign maintenance appointments to the best available field engineer, taking into account contractual obligations; engineer locations, skills and preferences; asset histories etc.
  • Intelligent invoicing and reporting tools cut time spent on admin-heavy, error-prone processes from days to minutes. This positively affects cash flow and enables you to keep a much better handle on your profitability and service quality.
  • Mobility solutions eliminate paper-based delays and errors and empower engineers to be more productive and efficient in the field.

We also offer software with functionality specifically designed to benefit fire & security providers, which we have developed in conjunction with our external partners in this industry.

Find out more about our software for the fire safety & security systems market. If you’re a company that installs and maintains security systems and you’d like to speak to us about how Asolvi can transform your service operation, email sales@asolvi.com.

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