Wake Up And Smell The Coffee - Espresso Service Selects Asolvi’s Tesseract Solution

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Written by Asolvi AS

For over 30 years, Espresso Service has been a key player in the coffee machine servicing industry. With a focus on both planned and reactive maintenance, Espresso Service manages and maintains all types and brands of coffee machines—whether automatic or traditional. Today, the company has a nationwide network of engineers who really ‘know their beans’—ensuring quality coffee is served in every cup.

In 2015, Espresso Service began implementing Asolvi’s Tesseract solution to streamline operations and improve customer service levels. In the most recent phase of the project, Espresso Service integrated Tesseract with IoT (Internet of Things) technology that provides telemetry devices capable of delivering real-time information on machine status - including water filter monitoring. This reduces machine downtime and enables Espresso Service to take a much more proactive approach with clients.

Before installing Tesseract, Espresso Service’s service management system was based on a less flexible, on-premise solution - which was little more than a bolt-on to its accounting package. Although suitable in the early years of the company’s operations, the changing pace and increasing sophistication of the hospitality and restaurant sector in general - and within the coffee and hot beverage providers in particular - meant that the legacy software was no longer up to the task.

Espresso Service was also keen to deploy a cloud-based, Software as a Service (SaaS) field service management solution that didn’t require physical IT infrastructure or a dedicated IT team to support it - and that could be accessed from any location via a web browser. This would allow Espresso Service to focus on its core activities, while Asolvi took care of all software updates and managed all the associated data.

You can read the full case study - called Tesseract, Espresso Service And The Internet of Things to get the whole story.

Comprehensive reporting in collaboration with Power BI

Since posting the case study, we caught up with Daniel Sewell, Chief Operating Officer, at Espresso Service, to discuss how the company is continuing to develop and evolve its use of Tesseract.

Daniel explains, "One of the greatest benefits of Tesseract is its ability to generate large amounts of data when we visit our customers. Using Power BI Tesseract has the potential to transform data into actionable interventions which we can use to affect real change for our business and our clients. Of course, we have to apply the intelligence and understanding of the industry, we have built up over the last three decades to make the data work for us but it is still an incredible step forward for us."

This year alone, Asolvi has implemented a raft of changes to the Tesseract cloud infrastructure, which makes the data that’s gathered by IoT devices even more accessible. Espresso Service has been at the forefront of utilising Power BI to harness core Tesseract data into industry specific business insights and offering feedback via a dedicated Asolvi contact.

Power BI is a collection of software services, apps, and connectors from Microsoft that work together to turn unrelated sources of data into coherent, visually immersive, and interactive insights. Power BI makes accessing data simpler, displaying it in a user-friendly interface which allows for meaningful manipulation.

When asked about the cloud improvements, Daniel says, "Previously we had to download all our data manually and add it into Power BI. This took time and meant that our people weren’t able to work on other critical tasks."

Daniel concludes. "The integration has allowed Espresso Service to make retrospective efficiency savings and delivered increased data for analysis. This has allowed us to analyse engineer training needs while ensuring van stocks are being reviewed and managed efficiently. It shows that end-user feedback has been listened to and is a large step in the right direction for our partnership."

To request a Tesseract demonstration, please visit www.asolvi.com/products/tesseract

To learn more about Espresso Service, please visit www.espressoservice.co.uk

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