The Future Of Office Printing At IMPSGA’S 20th Meeting

tisdag, 23 oktober 2018

On 27th September, Asolvi sponsored and took part in the 20th meeting of the International Managed Print Services Global Alliance(IMPSGA) in Athens, Greece. It was an opportunity to meet with well-established managed print services (MPS) providers and share our strategy for shaping a brighter future for an increasingly-under-pressure industry.

Founded in 2012, IMPSGA is an alliance of premium MPS providers across Europe who work together to improve best practice in office printing. It is the first of its kind in Europe and collectively the members of IMPSGA have more than 400,000 copy/print devices under contract.

Asolvi specialises in supplying service management software and consultancy to MPS providers across Europe. At the conference, several of our key people shared insights into the challenges faced by providers and why traditional print business models need to be shaken up.

John Alfred Hustvedt, Director of Business Development at Asolvi, said, “We were able to explain to members why simpler, faster, and more cost-effective service management, underpinned by stronger software, will be necessary for businesses in the MPS space to thrive. We also got the chance to demonstrate why our flagship solution, Evatic, is rapidly becoming the favourite in this area.”

The conference provided us with a number of valuable learning opportunities, too. “We were able to learn about markets that are to us: Greece, the Czech Republic, Romania and Poland,” said John Alfred. “We’ve come away with a much better understanding of the challenges and opportunities for players in these markets, and how Asolvi might be able to help them succeed.”

In the evening, Asolvi hosted dinner at a local fish restaurant, Nicolas Schinoussa, where members got to indulge in some excellent Greek seafood with a beautiful view of the sea and harbour.

We would like to thank IMPSGA, its members, co-sponsor HP and host company Intersys S.A. for organising what John Alfred described as “an inspiring and enlightening event”.