Tesseract Customer Among The Top 20 Field Service Pioneers

tisdag, 25 september 2018

We’re pleased to announce that Dan Sewell, COO of Espresso Service, has made it onto #fsn20 2018, a list of 20 pioneers driving field service forwards compiled by Field Service News.

Sewell is lauded for spearheading greater efficiencies and increased profits at Espresso Service by adopting new technologies such as Tesseract, Asolvi’s longest-running service management solution. Sewell’s decision to implement Tesseract has brought speed, cohesion and scalability to Espresso Service’s operation. It has enabled Espresso Service to embrace the Internet of Things and begin transitioning from a reactive maintenance model to a preventative maintenance model. Tesseract is able to pull and process data directly from a number of the coffee machines Espresso Service is contracted to maintain. This ability to monitor equipment remotely is allowing Espresso Service to identify and remedy problems before they occur, minimising machine downtime for customers and keeping coffee flowing.

It is Sewell’s long history in the industry and willingness to adapt to the changing field service landscape that has enabled Espresso Service to rapidly expand into new territories and establish itself as a leading player in its space.

Get the details on how Espresso Service has been able to improve its service delivery and expand overseas by watching Dan Sewell’s exclusive interview with Field Service News’ Kris Oldland. Find out why Tesseract has given Espresso Service a new USP capable of attracting sales prospects by reading our case study.

For more information about Tesseract and its capabilities, please contact sales@asolvi.com.