Introducing The New Evatic Map

torsdag, 29 oktober 2020

Evatic Map & new updates

Asolvi is pleased to announce the launch of the NEW Evatic Map – an easy to use tool that will help you in the everyday planning of your workload.

The new Evatic Map gives you an instant overview of the status of your engineers, increasing efficiency and providing you with the information you need for improved scheduling and planning.

The 5 biggest enhancements you will find in the new product are:

Google Maps Integration
Allowing you to make use of their optimization tools and street view to increase your scheduling efficiency.

Engineer Overview
Receive a clear overview of all Engineers including work status and availability.

Service Jobs
View all jobs currently on the system and easily filter by area, tag, and if the job is currently unassigned.

Assign a Job
With the full overview of where your Engineers are currently working you can quickly assign jobs to those Engineers in the area who are available.

Manage Your Engineers' routes.
Choose to either automatically optimize the route or manually select the route you would like the Engineer to use.


This update can be installed on your servers free of charge from today for existing customers.

The Evatic development team have also been listening to your feedback and have completed a number of functional and design updates to improve the software’s functionality:

  • Improving the "prepaid units" functionality (hour accounts).
  • Creating a new integration with COP.
  • Updating Customer Call.
  • Increasing subscription/licensing contracts.

These are just a selection of the product updates which have been completed recently.

Look out for further updates on these and other improvements coming later this year.