Asolvi |  Introduction of Product Managers  

Monday, 12 October 2020

Recently, Asolvi introduced the new role of Product Manager as one of several steps to improve how we develop products for the maximum benefit of our customers.  

The goal of the Product Manager is to act as the voice of the customer in product development. They will be responsible for capturing customer needs and anticipating changes in the industry; leading product development in a way that increases our speed to market and offers improved value for our users. The Product Managers will ensure we are a great long-term partner for our customers.  

At Asolvi, we now have a Product Manager for all our products and they will be responsible for product strategy planning: researching industry and market insights, listening to customers’ needs and developing new, innovative ways of solving the challenges our customers face, now or in the future. They will also lead the product development execution and prioritisation based on best practice agile and lean processes from some of the most successful modern software companies, where product managers are a key driver behind their success and popularity.  

As a combination of several successful Field Service Software companies, Asolvi has both a unique depth of expertise in multiple FSM industry segments and a unique level of combined development capacity. The role of the Product Managers is to bring these capabilities together, with the right product plans, priorities and processes, to ensure rapid development of the features and capabilities our customers need today and in the future, simplifying and adding value to the way our customers do their business.