Field Service

Over the last 30 years, Asolvi has developed a deep understanding of Field Service Management companies across Europe. We have rich experience across many industries including Healthcare, Water Hygiene, Scientific Research and HVAC.

No matter what industry you work in, we have the solution to transform your business, reducing costs, improving productivity and increasing profit.

We know it’s crucial to keep your engineers and other operatives working at maximum efficiency. We also understand that it’s vital to have the supporting, automated and accountable infrastructure in place to help you remain compliant. That way, you can deliver timely, accurate billing, strengthen customer relationships and maintain nimble, agile operations.

Asset Management

Our software gives you much better control and visibility of your maintained assets. This lets you provide customers with the level of detail they require to understand your value proposition.

Resource Planning

Our software enables you to comply with SLAs and shorten response times in a response critical environment, letting you plan resources in advance without the rigour of paperwork and manual processes.

Reduce Paperwork

Our systems are pre-configured for inputting and storing all relevant certification documentation, reducing the time needed to complete this procedure boosting your company's effectiveness.

Compliance & Reporting

From issuing certifications and preparing risk assessment statements to industry safety standards and regulations, our solution simplifies procedures.

Speed Up Billing

Data is sent instantly from the field to our invoicing module, where job and service contract costings are automatically calculated according to contractual rules.

Enterprise Mobility

Our software can offset pressures caused by the current shortage of field engineers in this sector by giving the productivity of your existing workforce a powerful boost.


Our software can integrate with various accounting and payroll applications, making it easier to calculate salaries and secure the right pay, ensuring that your financial information is always up to date.

Project Management

Project managers can get live updates on how installations are progressing through our projects module. They can create estimates, plan resources and view deadlines, both internally and in the field.

Help Desk

Our fully integrated help desk makes logging and managing service calls easy and efficient for everyone. Our self-service web portal goes one step further, giving customers more control and transparency.

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Tesseract is a cloud-based service management solution that helps service operations to work smarter, not harder.

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What our customers are saying

Tesseract’s ability to monitor equipment remotely has revolutionised the way Espresso Service operates and optimised our customers’ performance.

We have been able to boost performance and save three to four months of manual work per year by using Tesseract.

We wanted to streamline our system, have faster invoicing and better visibility. Tesseract has totally delivered on all counts.