Evolve Business Solutions

Friday, 18 December 2020

If you set off down a path that you don’t know, then you have no idea what to expect or prepare for. If you set off down a path that you are already familiar with, you can make preparations to deal with what you already know that you will encounter. While it might take you a little longer to prepare and get going, you are safe in the knowledge that, when you encounter the issues that you know are waiting for you, you have everything in hand and can quickly deal with the issues and move on.

This analogy holds true for many aspects of life, including managing a copy / print business. Although Evolve Business Solutions was only established in 2019 (and only became a limited company in 2020) and has lived through much of its first year under the very large shadow of Covid-19, the business is already expanding and developing, largely because of the firm foundations on which it has been built.

Evolve is based in Ipswich, on England’s east coast, and provides a full copy / print and document archiving service to companies and organisations throughout eastern England. The company was founded in September 2019 by a group of professionals from the print / copy industry and focuses solely on Konica equipment. With over 35 years’ experience in the sector, they were certain that there was a market for their services and they knew how they wanted to run and develop the business. As Matt Eaton, Account Director at Evolve Business Solutions, says: “When we set up the business, we knew how we wanted to run it and we knew what we wanted to avoid”.

When it came to systems, the Evolve team was already aware of Vantage Online and knew that it would fulfill all their requirements. As Matt explains, “We could have done what a lot of companies do and start off just using Excel to manage our business and then switch to using Vantage Online further down the line. However, we knew that unravelling a manual / spreadsheet-based system would take time and effort. More importantly, we knew that Vantage Online could manage our whole business for us, except for finance (where we use Xero, with which Vantage Online offers a seamless integration). This means that all the key aspects, such as stock control, preventative maintenance scheduling, call outs and invoicing, are all managed in one place. Critically, it also means that we have a package in place that can grow with the company.”

Evolve has invested in Vantage Online at an earlier stage in its development than many companies. Because of their experience and knowing how their organisation is likely to develop, they are able to take this important pre-emptive step. Besides avoiding time and effort further down the line, this early adoption of Vantage Online means that Evolve is able to focus on looking after its customers and growing its business, safe in the knowledge that they will not outgrow their systems or over-stretch themselves. Vantage Online has already been installed and implemented and the Evolve team has been fully trained, enabling them to already save time and effort on their meter billing.

Looking at the bigger picture, implementing Vantage Online should mean that Evolve Business Solutions is in a good situation to be able to concentrate on developing its business in the post-Covid world. As a company that has shown itself to be pro-active and forward-thinking, they should be in a good place to build their business. As Matt concludes “It was the right time to do it and gives us room to expand”.