Asolvi Helps Manage 195,000 Sites For SCCI Alphatrack

Tuesday, 16 April 2019

For fourteen years technological giant SCCI Alphatrack has relied on Asolvi’s field service management software to run a lean, fit and growing operation. Today periodic and reactive maintenance for over 195,000 customer sites falls within the remit of Asolvi’s leading-edge product, Tesseract.

SCCI Alphatrack is one of the leading providers of TV, media, security and life safety systems in the UK. These include multi-point TV systems, access control, CCTV, fire and smoke protection, emergency lighting and a wide array of internet access solutions. The company’s clientele ranges from Premier Inn and Center Parcs to Ladbrokes and HM Prison Service, along with numerous housing authorities, developers and financial institutions.

Pre-2003, SCCI Alphatrack used a cumbersome, manual and paper-heavy system to run its operations. In order to move forward, the company sought out a streamlined system that could take care of everything – customer records, call control, scheduling, engineer reporting and invoicing – and found Tesseract.

An All-Encompassing System - With Some Helpful Integrations

Since 2003, SCCI Alphatrack has managed installations and maintenance work using the various integrated modules that make up Tesseract, including Customer Assets, Call Control, Remote Engineer Access and Parts Centre. The system enables customer, contract and site data to be compiled and managed; materials to be distributed to engineers in the field and stock to be replenished; and engineers to log in remotely and generate service reports. More recently, SCCI Alphatrack has incorporated the Remote Customer Access module, enabling customers to log in, report faults and track progress and response times.

SCCI Alphatrack uses non-Tesseract systems for accounting, customer relationship management and time recording. Asolvi has provided various interfaces so that Tesseract can communicate with and feed data to these systems. This has eradicated several error-prone manual processes and allowed the company to run a seamless operation.

Richard Spencer, IT Consultant for SCCI Alphatrack, says, “With over 195,000 sites to look after, managing our data and service work would be a real challenge if it wasn’t for Tesseract.”

Health And Safety Management

One of the priorities for SCCI Alphatrack is the health and safety of its engineers who are often working at height or in dangerous areas. Therefore, managing and maintaining the vehicles and equipment they use is of the utmost importance. Originally, equipment inspections were paper-based processes. Last year, SCCI Alphatrack decided to bring its inspections activities under the same umbrella as its service work: Tesseract.

“Our inspections management has now gone completely paperless,” says Richard Spencer. “Before, there was scope for error or records going missing. We are now treating our kit and vehicle inspections like any other planned maintenance work we do for our customers. We schedule inspections so that they appear in engineers’ diaries and can be actioned. This creates a central electronic record and helps us keep our equipment safe and in proper working order.”

SCCI Alphatrack also monitors health and safety by way of Tesseract’s Checklist System. This is a custom-built list of questions that an engineer will need to answer before he or she can proceed with a job, e.g. are you signed in; are you working at height; have you got the right equipment; does your equipment need inspecting; and so on. The client sets the questions and the Tesseract system configures them to respond dynamically to the user, so that how a question is answered determines what question comes next. The Checklist System is designed to enable service organisations to adhere to their health and safety obligations.

A Flexible And Secure System

SCCI Alphatrack has experienced powerful efficiency gains since implementing Tesseract, which is why their partnership remains so strong fourteen years on.

Richard Spencer explains, “Tesseract has been a key part of our business process. By replacing our manual and paper-based procedures, it has enabled us to grow the business without taking on additional staff. From our customers’ point of view, they can rest easy knowing that we have a flexible and secure system in place to manage their information safely.