New Evatic Is Here!

Friday, 29 October 2021

For over 30 years, Evatic has been a hugely successful solution, delivering a flexible, multi-functional service management system to customers across Europe. But today marks a truly historic moment in Evatic’s continued evolution.

We’re delighted to announce the launch of New Evatic. We have rewritten the software to transform it from a Windows-based product into a modern web application. This means New Evatic benefits from enhanced functionality, improved user experience and even more robust security. The software also showcases an entirely new, highly accessible, and contemporary design. The introduction of New Evatic follows extensive testing and trials earlier this year. It is the direct result of our commitment to investing in personnel and product innovation.

The software’s multi-client capable system also offers modern API connectivity as well as interfaces for the most common fleet management systems. This allows for quick and easy integration with third-party software and creates a unified environment in which customers can manage, bill, and better anticipate customer demand.

New Evatic is also designed to support and digitise critical business processes, including:

• Contract management
• Invoicing
• Field service
• Help desk
• Installation
• Warehousing
• Smart toner management
• Technician control
• Reporting
• After-sales service

We hope we’ve given you a flavour of the immediate benefits offered by New Evatic. But the groundwork we’ve done over the last year also paves the way for further evolution of Evatic’s functionality and user experience — transformations that will continue to deliver value across all key markets and build on the software’s successful history.

Customers wishing to upgrade to New Evatic or try the software for the first time can do so via the following link: