Helping our customers get the most from the portal

Wednesday, 24 November 2021

To kick off the first in a series of articles, we caught up with Heidi Luoma from our Nordic customer support team. In this Q&A she provides an insight into what it’s like to work at Asolvi and explains how to take full advantage of our free support.

Hi Heidi, can you tell us when you started working at Asolvi?
I started working at Asolvi in 2013 when it was still Evatic AB.

What’s the focus of your job?
I mainly handle the tickets that come in through our support portal. But I also take part in customer meetings and product training sessions.

What do you like most about your role at Asolvi?
It’s got to be the variety — I hardly ever seem to do the same thing twice! This means that I learn something new nearly every single day, and I’m never bored! I also love the customer-facing part of my job and feel a real sense of satisfaction when I’m able to help customers solve their problems. I know this might sound like a cliché, but it’s 100% true — if I didn’t love dealing with customers, I’d have changed jobs a long time ago.

How has your job changed in the last 18 months?
COVID hasn’t had a significant impact on the way I do my job. For me, the last year and a half has really been about the build-up to — and the launch of — New Evatic. Most of my time has centred on getting trained and prepared for that. I’ve been diligently learning everything about the software’s new and improved features and its web-based functionality so that I can answer any customer questions or concerns.

The other significant change for our support team is that, so long as one of us is free, customer calls now come through to us directly in the first instance rather than via a switchboard. I know this is something customers have been requesting for a long time and will make their experience much smoother when seeking help and support.

How can our customers get the most from their portal?
Save as a bookmark and check it out regularly — perhaps put a note in your Outlook calendar to remind you once or twice a month. You’ll find loads of product information, as well as hints, tips, and fixes in there. I’d highly recommend looking at the “release notes” section. In there, you’ll find an option to sign up for new release emails. It’s something a lot of customers miss as they’re not planning to upgrade immediately. But it’s worth doing even if you’re not looking for an upgrade. The emails contain plenty of helpful information on new features or reminders about existing functionality that you might not be using. They usually have bug fixes and answers to the most asked questions about Evatic too — so they’re a convenient way to stay updated and informed.

Our portal also contains an extensive library of Evatic-related articles, including the best ways to install and manage the software. In addition, the portal includes details of future webinars — which we’d encourage you to sign-up for. They’re presented by a mix of Evatic’s product managers, sales teams, country managers and our very own software gurus — packed with helpful insight and advice, they’re another very engaging way to keep your Evatic knowledge current. Don’t worry if you’ve missed a webinar or you’re not free when one’s taking place — we often record them, and you can play them back via our portal at your convenience.

What’s the best tip you can give a customer to get the most out of their Asolvi software?
I’d say start with the portal. But if you have a question that you can’t find an answer to on there, please don’t hesitate to raise a ticket and get in touch with us. We’re always happy to help!